Boardgame Jogo Tabuleiro Demigods Evolution Kickstarter Novo

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Boardgame Jogo Tabuleiro Demigods Evolution Kickstarter Novo
-Edição Básica com vários add on, semelhante a edição completa ( itens descritos abaixo )
-Aberto para conferencia ( mas nunca jogado )
-Envio imediato
-Não aceitamos trocas ou devoluções

71 itens Cards
53 Demigods Deck Cards ( não utilizadas no jogo, mas inclusas )
24 Herocards
6 Gameboard titles
4 Demigods Cards e 1 god of war ( miniatura rara )
24 obstáculos
34 dados
12 cooldown tokens
90 Hp tokens
40 hero demigod avatar
12 attack links
12 racial links
82 buffs
24 move tokens
40 miniaturas ( não pintadas )

Demigods Evolution is a skirmish-style board game for 2 or 4 players in which they take the roles of demigods, commanding armies of heroes to prove supremacy over others and ascend as the new God of War. As a demigod, a player initially has access to 24 heroes from which he can choose his army. With his choice he then faces his opponent(s) on sacred battleground.

There are different game modes regarding picking heroes (chieftain, random, mirror, free pick mode), and regarding conditions on which victory is achieved (skirmish, tactics). It is the game that relies heavy on tactics, that is fairly simple to learn but hard to master and that has a great replayability.

In time of Chaos, the God of War was supreme ruler over all other gods. But Time of Peace came, and lasted so long that God of War started to lose his power. He grew weaker as the years went by and was pushed to the side by other gods. When his power faded so much that he felt that the end was near he gave the task to his four sons, the demigods, to try to prove themselves as best commanders in the field of battle. The one who can emerge victorious should become the new God of War and bring back the former glory to their name.

Gather your heroes, challenge your friends, become the God of War!



  • Nome: Boardgame Tabuleiro Demigods Evolution Kickstarter Novo
  • Edio: Boardgame Tabuleiro Demigods Evolution Kickstarter Novo
  • Quantidade mxima de jogadores: 6
  • Quantidade mnima de jogadores: 2
  • Idade mnima recomendada: 12 anos
  • Tipo de jogo: Estratgia


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